My apologies, dear returning readers. I've been gone for a bit.

I have been working on a few things:

My site, Bowers Voice got a recent facelift. I am attempting to get more voiceover work, and I built it using the amazing RapidWeaver software, and will continue on to use this great software in my building of Getting Things Clear's site. Check it out and let me know what you think.

I am super excited to publish this productivity guide, and I think that the site will be live in late May. For now, you can read up on the project a bit over here.

I have found that juggling these creative areas of my life (while working a full-time gig in finance AND attempting to be a good boyfriend) presents a bit of a challenge.

But also, it's defeatist to say, "There's not enough time to do what I want."

So here's my resolution : to focus.

In the coming weeks. I vow to write more and get Getting Things Clear shipped, so stay tuned, and as always, contact me here if you have questions or want anything specific addressed in the guide.