About a year ago I received an email from Getting Things Done, the eponymous site derived from the book of the same name about the fact that David Allen, author of the book, would be giving a series of lectures in the U.S. on how to begin being productive using their GTD methodology. I had read the book, but was thinking to myself "Wow, the price that they're asking is like, more than a little cost prohibitive..." (it was something like $500 at the time).

Then I stopped myself - how often does one get to meet a person who influenced their everyday thinking? How often in life may you get the opportunity to be amongst like-minded people, who all want the same thing - achievement, and a zen-like state of mind around that? OK, it's sounding like a cult, but read the book, and you'll understand. PS - it's not a cult.

So, I took the plunge and plunked down my hard earned cash, and I'm glad I did. I attended the New York seminar at the Dream hotel, (lovely, by the way) downtown on 11/17/14.

When we broke for lunch, I got to tell David that really being born a "right-brained" musician type, it was really encouraging to know that his book could encourage those like me to be more "left-brained" (the differences between right and left brained can be found here) and productive, against our better judgement. I thanked him for writing Getting Things Done. His response was humble, and his tone exactly as I imagined it to be - that of a lifelong student, and yet an absolute master of his craft.

That class was the impetus for this entire blog.

Thanks, David.

Behold, "The shaky selfie."
David Allen and Eric Bowers